Hearken is helping answer questions traditional newsrooms are afraid to answer

Hearken is a relatively new tool to journalists and it is helping them find stories all around. Media consumers are more in control now that ever, thanks to factors like mobile devices and Twitter allowing immediate news consumption. However, what about less pertinent questions around the community?

Hearken is a tool used to take readers’ questions into consideration when coming up with story ideas. In his article on Poynter, Benjamin Mullin looks at how the tool is used at the New Brunswick Today.

Mullin states, “Since New Brunswick Today began using Hearken, staffers there have found stories hidden in plain sight that were overlooked because they didn’t have a timely news hook. The ideas just didn’t seem as urgent to staffers who are busy meeting daily deadlines.”

This is an interesting take on how to make sure reader’s questions are getting answered. Today’s media environment calls for more interaction than ever, and this interaction is finding answers. Knowing that your story will definitely have at least some audience that needs to know the information you are reporting is a huge relief to newsrooms. A story only matters if people take the time to read it, and people will only read it if the information is pertinent to them. Hearken is allowing for people to get real answers to real questions they have.

Posted by James Bailey  October 9, 2015



2 thoughts on “Hearken is helping answer questions traditional newsrooms are afraid to answer

  1. It is really amazing that there is a tool used to answer readers questions. This can be beneficial for journalists as well as readers. Apparently this tool can aide journalists in finding new stories. It is important to make sure your work has an audience, Hearken will put out more stories for niche audiences. Sounds like Hearken will be great for the media industry. Interaction has a major impact on how people respond to any computer tool. This can also be useful for businesses trying to find their target market. The impact this will have in media will probably substantial. Another impact made will be seen in the style of blogs, I could see this increasing the amount people link pages.


  2. I think this is so important in making sure that readers today and those in the future pay attention to the news around them. They also need to feel satisfied in knowing that there are journalists out there willing to bring them needed stories and updating them on the world.There are a lot of people out there criticizing this recent generation, believing there is less and less interest in news. In actuality, places like Facebook have been showing trending stories and news that is often where people look first for information. Focusing on the tops stories and where people have interest in important in gaining readers that start to trust you as a source.


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