What Will the Media Landscape Look Like in 10 Years?

According to a report by the Dutch Journalism Fund in The Netherlands, technology and media could have four possible scenarios by the year of 2015. 150 people from the industry, conducted information and possible results based on research and  ideas the people had. Based on this research they had presented, they came up with four, realistic scenarios that could occur or end up happening on what media will look like in ten years.

One of the scenarios is the idea of journalists and individuals would dominate over large organizations by inventing new products themselves. This would offer no need for organizations, due to the people controlling journalism into their own personal gain.

The next idea is about a few, large conglomerates taking control of smaller, new technologies and news being personalized towards specific audiences at the right time.

The third idea is that public institutions will have distrust and doubt about new technologies taking place. The news platform will be basic and a do-it-yourself format.

The final scenario is how the public will not be so fast to want to take advantage of the new technologies being introduced. They will be more “shy” and not as trusting to the new technology, although will want bigger companies to take control and lead the people.

I feel like these scenarios are pretty accurate when it comes to the media and technology and how we may use them in the future. Personally in my opinion, I feel like once we get ten years from now, we will have larger companies in control of all sorts of new technology. allowing us to be familiar with the companies trust and giving the companies the attention they need to keep creating and providing us with the media.

https://t.co/oKLiqC7rSl    Past...Present...Future


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