What if you could Facebook in 3D?

It has been reported that Mark Zuckerburg is working on a new form of technology that will increase a user’s freedom. What they are working on is called augmented reality. Augmented reality is the integration of digital information with live video or the user’s environment in real time. Basically, Augmented reality takes an existing picture and blends new information into it. Making it much better than Photoshop, or 3-D glasses. According to Zuckerburg :

“It’s very interesting; it’s something we’d all use if it worked well. It’s kind of seamless. Maybe it’ll be contacts [or glasses]. You’ll have something on and it’ll be VR and AR as you choose. But right now the VR tech is past the knee of the curve. For AR, it’s harder. There are a whole host of challenges – how you do the optics and displays and get photos onto the eyes, how you have something that’s socially acceptable and comfortable all day. I think VR is here now, I think AR will be here, but it’s a long road to get there.”

How do you feel about this new social media platform? i think personally i would like to see more information on how they plan on incorporating it to the landscape of Facebook, but just thinking about how far we have come being able to a start using virtual reality is truly incredible don’t you think?… #WATBA (What a time to be alive)



4 thoughts on “What if you could Facebook in 3D?

  1. This sounds like it has some great potential but the only thing that bothers me is Facebook. Knowing that Facebook already archives everything you post, forever. Being able to let other people experience what you’re doing first hand is pretty cool. It’s going to be interesting if this gets released and the quality is actually really good. Facebooking in the third dimension might actually be really great.


  2. Just another invention proving that our technology is growing fast. Leave it up to Mr. Zuckerburg to come in with that idea. I think it could an interesting idea, but look at movies for example. How many people actually like 3D movies? I know that I can not stand them. But hey, there is always room for improvement, let’s see if Zuckerburg can pull it off!


  3. Not only is this changing the way technology is used, but it changes the way marketing and advertising will be used. This will be beneficial to not only the users and them interacting with people in ways we’ve dreamt of, but the way products and services are solicited to Facebook users. Having a 3D Facebook would be a game changer in many aspects. Also, nice Drake reference. #WATTBA


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