Twitter: A News Source Now, More Than Ever Before

The fast-paced, real-time app Twitter is changing its ways with the new feature that was added to the social media site on Tuesday. Along with a new CEO, Jack Dorsey, Twitter welcomes the Moments tab in the U.S.

For many people, Twitter is a good way to quickly and easily have the news put into the palm of ones hand. However, if you aren’t used to scrolling through your feed to sort out what’s important from what’s not, Twitter can seem kind of confusing, and not totally useful. The Moments feature changes that.

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With this new feature, Twitter becomes an official news hub. For those people who find Twitter difficult to navigate, Moments puts everything the user may want to know in an easy to read format. One thing that makes this addition significant is the fact it is carefully curated content, “Moments is more like a newspaper — the statements arranged into stories, thoughtfully, artfully and in a way that’s comprehensible to the vast majority of people…” as said by Farhad Manjoo of the New York Times.

This is a major step forward for Twitter’s future. As we saw with MySpace, which at this point is resting in peace, if social media sites are not constantly innovating, they can be pushed to the side, making room for sites that are. So, finding a way to make Twitter more useful and easy to navigate was a great move. At least for now, this is what will keep people coming back.


2 thoughts on “Twitter: A News Source Now, More Than Ever Before

  1. I saw this when i updated my phone its crazy how much twitter has evolved and become not only a way to connect people socially but a way for us to learn news from the regular tv outlets


  2. I agree with your final comment about social media resilience through continuous innovation! Products, services, and applications must evolve as their consumers do. I like the Moments feature on Twitter because, like Snapchat is attempting to do with their Live Stories, the platform puts the most recent or trending current events in an easily accessible spot. Only recently have I gotten into the habit of checking news sources and keeping up with current events. Even this seems cumbersome sometimes. Twitter has developed a curation tool with Moments that mitigates this feeling and process. It’s about a ten-genre RSS feed that is available within the same application that I check for entertainment and distraction. To me, this is innovation, efficiency, and social awareness on all aspects.


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