Social Media closes the Gap between TV shows and its Audiences

Since television became popular there has been a tangible divide between the actors and the audience. Actors like Joshua Malina, who played small roles in a wide variety of TV shows, did not have fans. This was because if an actor is not a main star in the TV show, people will know the actor’s face but not their real name. That is until the Social Media boom made its way into the television world.

The new hit TV series Scandal is brought up in this article. During the new episodes on Thursday nights the cast live tweets with audience. This has allowed for actors like Malina to connect with the audience and actually get his name out into the media. Collectively, because of the cast’s presence on Twitter, there are hundreds of thousands of tweets about Scandal for every new episode. This is a huge factor as to why the show is so popular. People love feeling like they are apart of the action, and this phenomenon deepens with the use of other social media platforms like Vine that can use video to communicate with the fans. Supposedly this is just the beginning of audience interaction with television.

Is this interaction necessarily a great leap forward for television or a set back? With this interaction progressing it might actually change the television world completely. I feel that these shows should be a release from our everyday lives where we as the audience can relieve stress. If interaction with television keeps progressing the this way it seems like engaging in these shows would be like living a second life.

This article was written on October 3, 2015 by Farhad Manjoo.


3 thoughts on “Social Media closes the Gap between TV shows and its Audiences

  1. Interesting blog post. I love this aspect of social media because it makes the show all together more of an experience than just a show. When the audience actually gets to interact with the stars in the show, it makes them feel like they are a part of it, and that they can have their voice heard.


  2. I definitely agree that TV shows are becoming more of an experience thanks to social media. Sometimes it seems that Twitter was developed for the sole reason of adding onto a show or live event. The connection between TV and the audiences absolutely has been bridged thanks to social media.


  3. I would have to agree that social media is changing the way we watch TV. It seems like television producers are trying to give the audience a voice in a way. I don’t think that this is necessarily the worst thing in the world. Television was created for entertainment purposes. So why not give your audience an active voice? I think that social medias have enabled shows to receive direct real time feedback from their viewers. This in theory should give us viewers more power.


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