Social media’s going insane over McDonalds All-Day Breakfast

I think we’ve all at some point have had a late night craving for pancakes or woken up really late on a saturday, upset that you’ve missed breakfast. As of yesterday, McDonalds now serves breakfast All-day long. Now you don’t have to worry about making a certain time frame in order to get an Egg McMuffin. McDonalds has been campaigning this heavily, making it much bigger than just television and digital video. As I would think most people already know, McDonalds has been advertising this all over social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, Vine, etc. People on social media are going insane, posting their excitement in the form of Tweets, blogs, videos, etc. I found out about this announcement on Twitter today. I laughed because it was a vine of a lady crying with tears of joy. It was captioned “When you see that #AllDayBreakfast at McDonalds”. It was a funny Vine but it was also a great way to spread the message of McDonalds new breakfast campaign. I personally never eat at McDonalds but there are times when I crave bacon, eggs, and pancakes. If McDonalds is the only place serving at this time and I get a craving I won’t think twice about where it’s from.


3 thoughts on “Social media’s going insane over McDonalds All-Day Breakfast

  1. I think that McDonald’s doing so much promotion on social media is a brilliant tacit. The majority of their target for this is going to be the younger generations who stay up later and sleep in, and were missing breakfast. So making it known on so many different forms of social media can only help them get to their target market because that is the majority of social media users. I also love your inclusion of a Vine in your blog! I would have never thought of using one in a post!


  2. I’m a huge fan of the Twitter image you included. Attaining to the followers of the brand is something that all businesses using social media have been doing over the years to grow their company in the way that their followers want them to. This is an excellent idea for McDonald’s to give the people what they want and become successful about it. Also, the commercials they are producing for this make me laugh every time.


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