Moments; Twitter’s Newest Feature

First referred to as “project lightening” when it was still in development, the “Moments” feature is twitters newest update. Moments allows for people to focus in on news stories, current happening, and other things going on in the world in a more personal and in depth experience, rather than a snippet seen on the traditional timeline. It is basically a real-time newsfeed of events right there on twitter.

Moments is about to become the most user-facing thing about Twitter, so Twitter has to decide how to yield this new power. Because like it or not, that curatorial power—of Moments themselves, and of which ones people see—is immense. – Wired Magazine

To access moments, you must first have the most recent update of twitter. After you update is all set, all you have to do on the twitter app home page is tap the new lightening button in the bottom row of toggle options, and there you have it; Moments is in the palm of your hand. The layout is that of an online newspaper or magazine crossed over with that traditional twitter style. There are a lot of interactive videos and photos to scroll through, and number of other features to play around with! After checking it out myself I would say it’s a pretty cool new tool for twitter.


8 thoughts on “Moments; Twitter’s Newest Feature

  1. Interesting article! Its so cool to see how these social media sites are able to continue coming up with new ideas. I think that this feature will become very popular with its users.

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  2. This is a very cool feature. Like someone else mentioned, this reminds me a lot of snapchat. Would this work similar to searching for a specific hashtag or will Twitter choose which stories are featured in it’s moments?

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  3. I personally really like the new Twitter update. I think it is smart that Twitter starts reporting and sharing current events. It might get new people to download the app. I also think that it is really cool.

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  4. I don’t have the most recent update for twitter. All of the feedback I have seen or heard about this update has been positive so I will probably find out what everyone is talking about soon. Great work on the post by the way!

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  5. The Twitter update helps the site become more and more of a news outlet, while maintaining its social media presence. I think it is a great feature because 99% of the time if something sporadic appears in the news I have no idea what’s going on and need to research what is going on. Now, there is no need for that with the newest feature. Twitter does it again.

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  6. This new update will really boost Twitter usage, especially for those who like to be actively engaged in real time news. In my Public Relations class, we talked about how this new update could really bring in those few people that don’t “get” Twitter and all it’s features. It is a cool new tool that will bring in the attention of lots of people who like interactive stories in media.

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  7. The use of Twitter as a news source was already a prominent use of the platform. Twitter found a way to make this stand out and created it’s own section. I think that “moments” is a great idea, although it is still yet to be seen as to how revolutionary it may be. Sometimes these type of new features prove gimmicky and is forgotten after a few weeks; think of the recent Snapchat update.

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