Twibbon: Show Your Support

My Experience

While scrolling through my Twitter feed the other night, I noticed a lot of the people I follow were sending out tweets that read “Please help support Breast Cancer Awareness, add a #Twibbon now!” Thinking to myself that it was either a scam or a new trend I scrolled by without inquiring any more about it. The follow morning when I was going through Twitter I noticed many of people I followed had a pink ribbon in the corner of their profile photo. I then realized what a Twibbon was and was fascinated.

What is it?

A Twibbon, according to Twibbon, is “the best free tool on the web to increase your exposure, likes and support.” Bascialy how it works is that you create your own microsite where users can support your cause or orgnaization via Twitter and Facebook. This can be done in a variety of ways including adding your Twibbon (a small icon or logo) onto their Facebook or Twitter profile picture, publishing a message of support on their Facebook or Twitter account, adding your Covers to their Facebook Timeline, or changing their Twitter background to your design.

Showing Support

In honor of it being Breast Cancer Awareness month, there are many different campaigns to show support for those who are battling it and those who have survived it, and to create awareness that the best protection is early detection and to help raise funds for research. This was the Twibbon I was seeing on my friends profile’s. After doing the research,
I decided to put a Twibbon in support of Breast Cancer on my profile picture for  both my Twitter accounts and many other Fisher student have done the same.

my twibbon 2 brandi's twibbonsyd twibbon

October is not solely Breast Cancer Awareness month but also Domestic Violence Awareness Month, Down Syndrome Awareness Month, ADHD Awareness Month, and many more. Twibbons are also available for all of those. To get your own Twibbon, either go to their Twitter account (@twibbon) or to their website ( and find one for whatever cause you want to support!

What does it mean? 

Twibbon is a good example of how technology has changed society. No longer do people have to walk around wearing a certain color, or bracelet to show their support of a cause (though I’m not saying those aren’t things people should still be doing) but now people can show their support every time they post on social media. People can gain awareness from these posts and even join the cause and show their support in just a few clicks! In the social media centered world we live in this campaigns using this tactic are really smart.


3 thoughts on “Twibbon: Show Your Support

  1. A “Twibbon” is a wonderful way to support and spread awareness of breast cancer. Because of your article I am going to add a ribbon to my profile picture! Technology has increased our awareness of issues such as breast cancer and have also contributed to an increase in donations toward a cause and that is a great thing. I have had family members and family friends that have passed a way due to breast cancer and many other cancers so I understand the significance support can make to those struggling with it. I hope that people actually donate to the cause instead of just changing their profile pictures. Similarly to the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge, I noticed that a lot of people simply participated in the video because it was a social fad. Hopefully that isn’t the case here.


  2. I was confused at first when I saw this feature being used on Twitter, but now I have seen at least 50 of my followers doing this to spread awareness about breast cancer. The different uses of social media in today’s world truly can be beneficial to society.


  3. I have conflicting feelings about things like this. It would have been nice if in order to get the ribbon on your profile picture, a user would have to donate a dollar to a breast cancer treatment center. Do you think this is causing real change and helping real people or is it just a cute new feature on Twitter?


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