Journalist needed in Perilous times

Commodities of in-depth truth and detail are high on the wish list for Organizations and Press that want what precious information that only the best of the best can get. Some of this information can not be accessed by outsiders, but the knowledge can only be gained from the inside, a former member, or a refugee of some sort. We’re talking about getting hard core information as a tourist in countries like Syria, Iran and other parts of the Middle East where it is known as a danger zone.

Besides laws, mores and not being accustomed to foreign folkways, there are eager journalist really want a shot, no pun intended, at becoming an international correspondent. Transitions Online: Regional Intelligence website,, is one that is investing in the recruitment of brave journalist willing to justly accept the mission and fulfill the goals that are set per instruction and management.

In order to possibly be chosen, the journalist must submit a portfolio and a mission statement for review of how they will accomplish their tasks. If hired, the employee will be given a standard stipend in the amount of $2,000 to cover up to four months abroad. Individual sponsors may follow up and offer a particular journalist more money to enhance their experience. Non the less, it is the journalist responsibility to gracefully gain access, cover a stories, interview and ultimately survive. Ideally unharmed and without arrest.

Journalist have been slain, beheaded, held prisoner, and maybe even recruited in foreign countries of civil unrest. They chose to take this risk and results were headlines reported about them by other journalist and anchors. The preferred outcome would be to collect the story not become the story. Journalist today take these same risks, but may feel honored for the greater gain of world access and knowledge that can be documented in history and their name may be well established as legacy if value is gained.


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