How to Take Selfies That are Out of This World…Literally

Moon Collage copy

Project Moonspike is the world’s first crowd funded moon rocket. This project allows anyone to be a part of sending a rocket to the moon. In fact, this whole project is interactive with the audience. If you pledge to help fund the trip, you will become part of the “extended mission team.” Becoming part of the team comes with all sorts of benefits that allow you to feel like a contributor to the mission. You can help direct the plans by commenting and offering suggestions, you can follow the progress of the mission through virtual diaries, blogs, and video chats, and you can even get your name engraved on the rocket to list just a few perks. What makes this rocket special is in the word Moonspike. Moonspike refers to a super secure digital memory dart that will be left behind on the moon. By becoming part of the team, you are able to send almost any digital files to the moon, and leave your mark forever. Imagine having the first selfie on the moon!

This project astonishes me. My first reaction was quite judgmental and I thought it was a money making scam. However, after I thought about it, NASA is sending rockets to the moon anyway; this gives me or anybody else a chance to represent the community on a mission like this and feel included. Not everyone can go to the moon, but by utilizing modern advances and media forms, we can all come together and send a piece of ourselves (and our history) to the moon and have an equal experience. The specialists themselves promise to be open about everything and to include us in every aspect of the mission. Take their word for it, “A typical space project will be quite secretive. We’re going to be almost the exact opposite.

Thinking Further- What other ways can we use new tools and media forms to connect the community with advances in science. Personally, I grew up a scientist (biology), but now I am a photographer getting a degree in Media and Communications. Project Moonspike inspired me to think about finding new techniques to connect science and media in a way that has never been done before.


3 thoughts on “How to Take Selfies That are Out of This World…Literally

  1. This is such a cool blog post! I had heard nothing about it before now, and I must say this is really kind of revolutionary! Although this is really amazing that this is able to be done, and I understand that it’s fun to be apart of something like a mission to the moon, what really is the benefit or the purpose? Really good article.

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  2. Such an interesting post. It amazes me that selfies have become such a big staple in our society that some idea is bounced off of it. I feel like this idea will take off running especially with the recent discovery on Mars. I feel like everyone is going to be interested in space, once again.

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