Twitter’s direction ‘extremely strong and beautiful,’ Jack Dorsey says

After Dick Costolo, CEO of one of the most popular social media sits twitter, stepped down in June the companies stock actually started to rise on Wall Street.  Jack Dorsey, the companies new CEO, has clearly stated that he will not be changing the companies direction one bit.  In fact Dorsey believes that twitters direction is “extremely strong and beautiful.

However many analysts believe that a potential takeover of the company is looming.  In response Dorsey states that Twitter can fulfill its value better as a independent company and can also maintain a better relationship with their shareholders. From this article one major problem is outlined about Twitter and that is that outside of media and entertainment mediums most users still do not full understand the full capability of Twitter.

Stating that the direction of the company will not be changed is good but there really seems to be some internal and external problems that need to be addressed.  Now these are not major issues but are still reasons why Twitter stocks never really grow. The issue that not all users are fully aware of the power of Twitter is the first thing that needs to be addressed.  By enlightening users on the uses of Twitter outside of sharing hilarious pictures and updating your mood for the day, I believe that would lead to huge improvements when it comes to their shares.


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