What Does Your Snapchat Profile GIF Really Mean?

What’s the big deal about the five selfies that make up your profile GIF on Snapchat? Unless changed, those five pictures are the only images that permanently stay on your Snapchat. The permanency of those images was strategic. But for what reasons? For the user’s enjoyment, for just another added feature or is the addition a result of the popularity of a selfie? Regardless of a users reasons to post their five selfies, the creation of the profile GIF was intentional for Snapchat.

IMG_4073 copyPrior to the profile GIF on Snapchat, the only piece of information you knew about those who added you was their username, which sometimes offered little information about one’s identity. Being able to clearly identify someone on Snapchat was an increasing issue. The process of determining if you should continue to follow someone with an unknown username was time consuming and inefficient.

Clarity is key with the Snapchat profile GIF. The GIF removes any reluctancy to strictly add, for example, dianatalks2much on Snapchat and provides comfort in adding dianatalks2much and her five selfies. The added selfies allows users to create a visual identity, further distinguishing a users sex, age and even personality.

When competing with other large social media outlets that dominate young adult’s lives, the profile GIF was strategic. It’s addition has enhanced Snapchat as a business and for it’s users as well. The more posts made and the more that users are willing to add other users will increase the content on Snapchat which will increase it’s revenue. Sounds like a smart business move to me.

What will be the next big thing that will pop up on your Snapchat? Is video chat or even an extended 20 second recorded video next?



One thought on “What Does Your Snapchat Profile GIF Really Mean?

  1. Very interesting concept. Personally I like having the ability to see you who is adding you because it can be hard to tell who is who on snapchat with some of the crazy usernames that are out there.


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