Twitter plans to further monetize with the new ‘Buy Now’ button.

After struggling with other forms of monetization, Twitter has turned to the “Buy Now” feature. Through parternships with retailers, Twitter plans to attach a purchasing button to each tweet.

As a publicly traded company it makes sense that Twitter would always seek new ways of bringing in revenue for its shareholders. Twitter had previously allowed campaign donations through the app but election season has a finite period for a nation’s attention and it cannot be expected to be a primary source of money.

My beef with this decision is that I personally think society has a problem with instant gratification. I think this decision exploits Twitter’s young user-base. I know in-game purchases are a minor problem in the mobile gaming industry, but adding a “Buy Now” button may encourage the purchasing of very expensive products.

It will be interesting to see the safety precautions that Twitter puts in place for this feature. Personally, I hope their is a cap limit to the price of items. Twitter’s demographic is simply too young.


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