Introducing the New Shopping Hub: YouTube

YouTube has been known for keeping the weirdest and best parts of the internet on video, but now it provides outlets for products. Having been known for communicating videos of humor and sketch comedy to product reviews, this web page has now been invaded by the option of product links on any and all videos. Not just the well-known YouTubers have the advantage of being a representative for a brand or service.

Whether professional or amateur, companies are being allowed to give permission to anyone they wish to showcase a service or product via link on a video. Views on product-related videos have jumped in number significantly since they first begun. These views have given companies a great advantage for the holiday shopping season in order that they can see what people are likely to purchase and who they are competing with.

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YouTube alongside companies have together wanted to create a shorter time length between seeing the review of the product and the actual purchase by a consumer/viewer. Anyone who hasn’t recently discovered YouTube knows that since being bought by Google, even skipped ads are bringing in a great amount of revenue but at the expense of irritating consumers with ads that can’t be skipped.

Even though YouTube believed in the beginning that inviting brands to create accounts and videos with mixed content would be successful but many brands had less than the desirable amount of views and subscribers.  The future of YouTube promises more revenue for brands and YouTubers, without any negative interruption that ads can bring. The concern for many users is maintaining the connection and fun that this site brings and that it continues in the future once this is fully implemented.


3 thoughts on “Introducing the New Shopping Hub: YouTube

  1. This is extremely innovative and makes me wonder how no one thought of this sooner. Without the ability to solicit products in an annoying way, this is a great way for companies to attract customers towards their products. This is not only great for Youtube, but the users in general. Even if it’s a couple dollars here and there, it will inspire “Youtubers” to promote products harder, and work to land larger-named products to advertise. This new feature can bring great things for companies looking to promote their product using this platform.


  2. Yeah I am more willing to accept this form of direct advertising on videos where you are sure that there may be some on there. I think the only concern in the end would be over how many videos it could change in format and affect. I would hope there will continually be truly recommended products rather than a YouTuber being paid in a way to sell the product in their review of it. I’ve seen good videos in the past of products and I’ve trusted the personal review, just hoping it doesn’t become rare to see a truthful review


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