Facebook: Making a Splash in a Hurricane of Social Media Innovations

Years ago it all began with Facebook and its ability to instantly share thoughts, pictures, and videos with friends and family across the globe. As the times changed, so did the way in which people communicated over the social network. The very popular Instagram, Twitter, and Vine were all created. Although they could not entirely replace Facebook and all of its features, these sites definitely slowed Facebook’s traffic.

The Facebook Dislike button is something we are all certainly familiar with. It’s arrival into the world of social media was widely accepted, especially in Asian countries. It brought something new to the table which was also heavily desired by the people. Recently, Facebook has been trying to create some noise out there in order to gain back some of the spotlight. Another new innovation of Facebook is to redesign the profile. When Facebook first came out, it was all about the profile and how the user customized it to share their story. After researching current data trends, the company saw that the activity on Facebook was due to the viewing of profiles. Now the redesigned version will be a quick and short page that is playful on the eyes and easy to read. It will also feature the brand new idea of a video profile. This will replace the profile picture with a series of flashing images to share some sort of story to those who are viewing.facebook

These new techniques surely are interesting, but will they bring back the attention of the people? Or are these efforts too little, too late now that we have snapchat GIFs?



2 thoughts on “Facebook: Making a Splash in a Hurricane of Social Media Innovations

  1. I am not surprised that Facebook is worried. There are so many social media sites that young adults are attracted to. If Facebook wants to keep their younger audience, I think they have to make changes that are innovative and exciting.
    I also actually wrote a blog post on the Snapchat GIF. I do not think it is too late for Facebook to make changes in regards to the pictures, because of Snapchat. I think this because Facebook is completely different than Snapchat and holds a different purpose in regards to communication. The addition of these photos on FB, I believe can only enhance user communication and interaction, not hinder it.


  2. It is very interesting to see how different social media sites compete and respond to one another. While Facebook has been rivaled by several new and engaging apps, I still believe Facebook has leverage within the digital market that other platforms don’t. Facebook has quite a base of adult users. It is obvious within our age group that short, trendy tweets and flashy photography catches and maintains our attention. However, aside from professional journalists and local leaders, my Followers/Following lists on Twitter include, at most, five adults. On the other hand, many of my “friends” on Facebook are adults. This could be because Facebook lends a large amount of freedom and doesn’t require a certain language of abbreviations, hashtags, and an interest in selfies. Facebook’s new profile features do for all of its users exactly what you described, display in a way that’s “playful on the eyes and easy to read.” While similar to Snapchat’s new GIFs, Facebook is simply changing its narrative to fit the growing studies that show less is more and visual engagement is everything in the online world. Facebook is now even more readable for adult users and engaging for young users. I do not doubt that Facebook’s innovative displays, growing features, professional uses, and low restrictions will continue to justify its presence in the online world.


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