Is Live Video part of the Future of Social Media and Journalism?

Jonas Vig of TechCrunch has opened up a bit of a debate in regards to news sharing and social media. He describes how apps like Periscope now make it not only possible to stream live video on a smartphone, but to give news angles that we have never seen before.

Much like how Twitter and live tweeting have helped make breaking news break instantly, live video streaming apps can help expand on this. As Vig says, content can now be produced and shared instantly but in more interactive and, in some cases, informative way as compared to 140 characters at a time.

I for one think that this is huge journalists particularly covering breaking news under short notice. Whereas live tweeting has been the norm for these situations, now journalists and your average Joe alike can stream live video of the breaking event. While this takes away the usefulness of journalists in some respects, it also can keep the general public the most informed.

I also do not anticipate that a technology like this will necessarily completely change the way we look at news. As has been expanded on in class, Twitter has helped supplement breaking news but has far from changed the landscape of covering it completely. I believe the advent of technologies such as Periscope will take on a similar role; fun to play with with friends and such primarily, and a supplement to the news in situations when necessary.

Posted by James Bailey, September 25, 2015


One thought on “Is Live Video part of the Future of Social Media and Journalism?

  1. You hit the nail on the head here, it will be useful when interacting with family and friends. As far as it changing the entire landscape of journalism is doubtful. This will become popular when people go to events and want to share with their family and friends. It is interesting the think about the legalities of periscope, say if someone streamed a football game to a website. News reporters are professional in their career and it is not something anybody with a camera and microphone can do.


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