Twitter Polls for new “Poll Feature”

Twitter has recently started testing a new function with certain users. This function will be an option to add a poll to your tweet, that allows all your followers and other people that see the tweet to weigh in on a decision.

In many ways it seems that Twitter is just making a more polished version of what happens currently with “favorites” and “retweets.” Twitter accounts with large followings will tweet things like “retweet for Michael Jordan or favorite for Shaquille O’Neal.” These are just fun questions to see who people on Twitter think was the better basketball player. This is what the poll function will essentially do; the difference being that now it will have a multiple choice bubble format to the tweet.

The question at hand is whether or not these polls will be liked by the general public. Bigger accounts that have thousands of followers will receive enough answers on the polls to make the results mean something, but smaller accounts held by individuals most likely will not have a big enough following for the poll function to be fun and/or useful.

Regardless of how useful this function will be it does make Twitter more conversational which seems to be the platform’s ultimate goal.

Article posted on September 24, 2015 by Andrew Hutchinson.


2 thoughts on “Twitter Polls for new “Poll Feature”

  1. This might honestly be a really interesting addition in the time leading up to the 2016 Presidential election. People love to weigh in on their choices and opinions, especially on Twitter. I hope to see it be used for both fun and societal events, but you never know with the population on social media and how they’ll use it. In the words of Ben Parker, “Great power comes with great responsibility”, just hoping that reigns true in the Twitterverse.

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  2. I think this would be stupid in a way. I don’t think it is a necessary feature for Twitter to have and will just clog up feed and make it more confusing to use. The simplicity of Twitter is one thing that draws a lot of people to it and I feel like a polling feature will take away from that. If people want to known what others think or give their opinion they can leave replies or even do the retweet for one thing and favorite for another thing like mentioned above.

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