Volkswagen CEO Resignation the Right Move?

Today the CEO of Volkswagen resigned. In the time of crisis within the company, this might not have been the best move due to the fact there are approximately 11 million diesel cars that have been recalled. What the CEO, Martin Winterkorn, ended up doing was using a form of “defeat” software to cheat on the emissions test so the vehicles could pass. To put this into perspective Volkswagen cheating on this test saved the company approximately $7.3 billion dollars. Man people are disagreeing with the resignation because it shows that Winterkorn cannot deal with his mistakes, and the recalls he has recently admitted to. However, Winterkorn thinks the company needs a new look, and believes the fresh restart begins with his resignation. The apology that was issued by the CEO was said to have been read off a teleprompter and had no sincere tone to it at all. Many customers are saying that Winterkorn leaving will be good for the company, and ocial media users say the company  needs someone that cares about their customers and is willing to tell the truth no matter what the case may be. Nevertheless, the new replacement seems to be the current Porsche CEO, and the new position will be announced this Friday.


One thought on “Volkswagen CEO Resignation the Right Move?

  1. I had a class today where we talked about this incident and the effects that it has. This without a doubt going to cripple the company and damage there good name. This will not only effect the company itself but it will effect Germanys economy as it relies heavily on Volkswagens income. This incident is going to effect areas that go far beyond the company and it will be interesting to see how it is handled.


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