Adversity Uncovered by Social Media

This week there has been a very fortunate turnaround for Ahmed Mohamed, a 14 year old student in Texas, due to overwhelming support beginning with the hashtag movement, #IStandWithAhmed. His teacher claimed he designed a homemade explosive and brought it to class. Ahmed was arrested for a clock he built to impress his teacher. However due to social media uproar and caring individuals globally, Ahmed’s reward will be far greater than extra credit and suspension from school.

Prestigious people, such as Mark Zuckerberg and even President Obama, have been captivated by the clock builders traumatic experience with adversity. They have extended their invitations of opportunity to him with other developers vying closely behind.

Charges have now receded for the supportive attention and correction of the bogus misunderstanding. This youth, who is of Islamic Faith and categorized as a Muslim of color, has been redeemed, with his name remaining uncorrupted. However, that was a pending process for Kiera Wilmot, now a college student of Florida Polytechnic University.

Wilmot, also a youth of color, had felony charges with an arrest record behind her name due to, you guessed it, a high school science project. Her science experiment caused excitement when the combustible concoction she pours popped a cap from a bottle and expressed smoke. Besides obvious attorney fees, her lawyer predicted it would be at least 5 years before the disreputable scar could be cleared from her record. Foremost, she is now a participant in the STEM program of Florida Polytechnic University.

Is ‘social media adversity’ the new platform for misunderstood ambitious youth? Both meek and mild, who have no choice but to endure the unfortunate troubles thrusted upon them. To achieve the victory and respect they are due for involuntarily becoming the victim of these societal issues of interest just so they to can have a fairly good chance to obtain the appropriate Ideals of Universal accolades in life ?

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3 thoughts on “Adversity Uncovered by Social Media

  1. This story seems to be another case of racial profiling in today’s society. It is interesting how the users of multiple social media sites made this story go viral so that the world could see what the school did was very wrong.

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  2. While I think it is short of an OVERreaction, I feel it is an intense reaction to an unfortunate situation. People normally attribute this to a pendulum’s return swing. Seeing it through the eyes of a media student, it is a VERY cheap, yet VERY smart PR move by any company involved. The picture circulating of Ahmed with the mountain of Microsoft stuff made me chuckle.

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