Study finds that Facebook is Most Effective Form of Promotion for Small Businesses

Everyone knows of at least one family that owns and operates a business. Whether it is in construction, retail or even sanitation, we all need to make a living somehow. Ever since the invention of Facebook, advertising for family businesses has never been easier. In today’s economy, many small businesses are struggling to find a way to advertise to large amounts of the public in a cost effective way.

G/O Digital, the digital marketing wing of Gannett, conducted a recent study that has found that consumers use Facebook to research products and services more than any other social media outlet. According to the study, Facebook appears to be the top choice among social media platforms for this process: 68% vote it the number-one site, compared to Twitter and Pinterest’s 11% and 12%.

I can personally relate to this process as well as being apart of a family that owns a small business. I can attest to checking Facebook for reviews of products and services, especially local companies that have set up a Facebook page in order to gain customers and spread the news about their services. John Allen Sanitation Service Inc. is my family’s small business that provides trash removal and we recently created a Facebook page in order to do exactly what I previously mentioned. We have noticed an increase in customers since then as well as almost 400 “likes” on our page.

Just like everyone else, my family needs to make a living and through the use of Facebook, we have successfully expanded our company. Facebook is definitely the most beneficial and effective form of promotion for small businesses around the world and continues to ass10931228_529364437204213_8744360299033781362_nist many small companies like ours.


3 thoughts on “Study finds that Facebook is Most Effective Form of Promotion for Small Businesses

  1. The article you have shared with us is very encouraging! In an advanced economy where there is so much parody in product and services, it is often simple to base consumer decisions on price. However, low price consumerism can leave local businesses – which cultivate the community, job opportunities, and local revenue – struggling to achieve consistency in their sales. Facebook’s role in undertaking promotion for local businesses that can’t afford to invest in multiple venues of advertising is not only helping those businesses create market relationships, but it is also strengthening community economies. I find this inspiring for current local businesses and our generation, especially, that seek to become entrepreneurs of new startups. Facebook is both free and the most widely used tool for accessing reviews of businesses, products, services, and more information. I find it ironic that while some businesses spend money to advertise their services on sites like Angie’s List and, which are sites promoted in TV commercials, I personally have never searched for services on those sites. I resort to the site that I use, navigate, and mostly trust every day – Facebook.

    Jake, as your article and summary show, other consumers have shown the same behavior when it comes to reacting to advertising, promotion, and product review. I hope your family business continues to prosper because of this!

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  2. I completely agree with your opinion in this article. I am from a small town where almost every business is small and family owned/run. Having support from your own community is obviously very important, but it can only go so far. Having a Facebook page for each business in a small town like mine really makes it easy for these businesses to get their names out there, and it makes it so simple for the supporters of those businesses to share their thoughts with their friends, and so on.
    It is a wonderful thing that your family’s business has grown and prospered because of Facebook, like many other small businesses.


  3. I agree as well. There are many small towns around the city I am from and a lot of people in my community love going to family owned businesses over the nation wide chains. Being from a small town and using a media like Facebook, everyone will be able to see what is new and find out other small businesses to go to in the future. Plus, using social media could benefit the small family owned businesses in an advertising perspective.


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