#ShareACoke With Twitter

The well-known Coca-Cola bottle with the saying “Share A Coke With…” on the label, has become very popular amongst everyday people and celebrities who are on the quest to find their name on a Coke bottle. The popularity of these Coke bottles has become so popular that the hashtag “#ShareACoke” has further emerged online. If the hashtag alone wasn’t enough for Twitter users and even Coca-Cola, Twitter has further increased the way people will be using and posting “#ShareACoke” on Twitter.

Twitter has released a custom emoji for Coca-Cola, which will appear on a user’s Twitter post when they post the following, “#ShareACoke”. The custom Coca-Cola emoji, which was released yesterday, 9/16/15, is two glass Coca-Cola bottles tilted towards each other. The enticing emoji is anticipated to bring more consumer attention to Coca-Cola but also for Twitter to track the hashtag usage as a basis for deciding if they will continue to create custom emojis, as an ad product for other companies or not.

I think this collaboration with Twitter and Coca-Cola is beneficial for both parties involved. Twitter is the only online social network where users can only post 140 characters or less. It is thought that the custom emojis will allow users to say more without actually typing words and exceeding the 140 character limit in a post, which I believe may be groundbreaking for Twitter when separating themselves from other social media sites. If Twitter also creates emojis for other companies, they could potentially obtain increased revenue if it is considered as an ad for other companies to purchase and launch on Twitter through a user’s post when a certain hashtag is used. In regards to Coca-Cola, their product is distinctively being advertised by their consumers, reaching a wide range of people, which hopefully will increase sales for Coca-Cola. With all parties benefiting from Twitter’s collaboration with Coca-Cola, I think this is a smart business decision for both Coca-Cola and Twitter. It will be interesting to see how Twitter will further use this initiative, similar to Coca-Cola’s, and with who.

Screen Shot 2015-09-17 at 3.58.32 PM



2 thoughts on “#ShareACoke With Twitter

  1. Wow the hashtags with emoji’s are always great i find very fun when twitter creates emoji s with hashtags because it makes you want to actually learn about the certain tags as well as you want to tweet that particular tag 4000 times… although i am not a coke drinker myself I believe that the hashtag idea coke has decided to become apart of will in fact increase revenue and also help product their drinks.


  2. It’s very cool to see this kind of convergence. In this age, just about anything that finds success outside the internet somehow finds a way to become integrated with social media. I’ve seen similar emoji linked hashtags in the NBA Finals and I enjoyed using them then. I believe custom, emoji linked hashtags will become a norm on Twitter, and I also believe that this is for the best..


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