Pinterest Setting New Records

Pinterest announced this past Wednesday that they now have 100 million users and continue to grow.

Being one of 100 million members this is an amazing feat to be apart of due to the feedback of the site. The company’s size, according to The New York Times, has suffered negative feed back of whether it could compete in the world of social media with social sharing sites like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. The San Francisco based company has grown vastly in the past five years since its launch in March 2010.

kpinterest-logoPinterest is a online site that is used like a scrapbook. It allows users to “pin” photos of ideas like recipes, outfits, room layouts, holiday decorations, etc… to their own “boards” (individual categories set up by users to organize their pins).

The site is used in a different way than other social medias. Pinterest is really used for important life events. More and more boards are being created by users to plan weddings and first birthdays.

“People are planning out really core and important parts of their lives on Pinterest,” Ben Silbermann, Pinterest’s chief executive and a co-founder.

It is hard to believe a social media site has been apart of so many important life event for many of its users. The $11 billion company is holding regular users of 47.1 million each month and by 2019, according to eMarketer, will reach 59.3 million active users.

For a user, like me, of a site that connects on a personal level whether it is an important event like planning a wedding or picking out a recipe for dinner that night it is important to have a connection. People of today strive for the trust and personal connection between them and the company. It’s amazing how Pinterest connects with the users on this level.

Congratulations on reaching 100 million users, Pinterest!®ion=Body


3 thoughts on “Pinterest Setting New Records

  1. Pinterest is an amazing service and social media outlet in a sense that it allows it’s users to develop many different skills that can be applied to everyday life; something that other social media platforms don’t do. I personally have a Pinterest account and enjoy using it especially around the holidays when I am searching for different DIY and decorating tips. Pinterest appeals to me because it is highly useful and influential to our society in a positive way. It is very exciting that they have gained a major following to compete with other social media.


  2. It is awesome that a company that was said to be too small has reached such an impressive milestone, reaching 100 million users. I do not personally have a Pinterest account but from reading this it seems that it provides a great service and connects a lot of people through standard daily activities such as cooking or do it yourself projects.


  3. By allowing people to create their own areas of specified interest, Pinterest has been able to not only capture an audience but also most of the internet. There should be no surprise in this, in that many people seek outlets such as Pinterest and Tumblr in order to have a sense of “belonging”. This idea of creating a space where your true personality and likes can grow is often hard on the outside world and in professional lives. Pinterest is a place for professionals but for many in the younger generations it seems to be a place where most are growing up and discovering themselves. And now it is a way for most of us to go back and see in detail our past likes and ideas on the world around us. Congrats to Pinterest!


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