Amazon Hopes to Gain Dominance in The Living Room

On Thursday Amazon announced updated versions of its Fire TV products.  These new and improved products will be able to plug into a television set and stream movies, tv shows, and other content using an internet connection.  Amazon customers can now purchase a streaming stick or a set-top box which can search for content using voice commands.

These products are very similar to the newest Siri-powered Apple TV that was just recently released.  However Amazon’s voice assistant is named Alexa.  Alexa debuted in Amazon’s wireless speaker Echo. Basically Amazon is just trying to put out a product that can keep them in competition with Apple.

The one advantage that Amazon has currently over Apple is price. While Apple has been raising its price on the new Apple TV (from $70 to $150), Amazon has been holding its prices steady at forty dollars for the Fire TV, fifty dollars for the streaming stick with voice control, and one hundred dollars for Fire TV set-top box. Also to show how serious Amazon is in competing for the living room they are bundling the Fire TV set-top box with a game controller for one hundred and forty dollars.

These new and improved Fire TV products will be released in October of 2015.®ion=Body


2 thoughts on “Amazon Hopes to Gain Dominance in The Living Room

  1. Very interesting post! It is amazing that the bundled Amazon package is still cheaper than Apple TV. Though I wonder if Apple’s interface runs smoother or if it is just the “Apple” name that is raising its price.


  2. You compare Apple TV to the Echo and you seem to be in favor of Apple TV. It seems like the Echo has a lot more features at a lower price and Apple TV is more similar to the Roku. I find it interesting that most devices seem to have voice control capabilities, but most people I know don’t use them. Siri can be difficult on the iPhone and I don’t even bother using Cortana on Windows 10. It will be interesting to see if and when this technology becomes used more universally.


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