Ad-Blocking Apps

This week, Apple released several ad-blocking apps that will likely have a significant impact on internet use. This article came from CNET Magazine and it was written on September 17th. Since the debut of iOS 9 on Wednesday, these new ad-blocking apps have become very popular. If you have any interest in these ad-blocking apps, there are several options that can purchased. The app that is at the top of the charts is called Peace. This app can be purchased for $2.99 and it is supposed to “block most ads and privacy-invading trackers on web pages”. Both Purify Blocker and Blockr are also ad-blocking apps that are at the top of the charts.

Because of these new apps, many websites may begin to struggle. Often times, free websites make money off of their ads. If these new apps start blocking website advertisements, many websites may begin to suffer. Personally, I feel that these new apps will be very helpful. Unwanted advertisements can be annoying when people are trying to do things on the internet. I also feel that free websites need to start adapting to these newly created apps. People aren’t going to stop using a convenient app just because random websites will suffer as a result of its use. Overall, I feel that these new apps will have great success and make internet use a lot less frustrating.


One thought on “Ad-Blocking Apps

  1. I have been doing some research on these apps that they are bringing out as well. Seeing that I am on the computer a lot, I make sure I have adblocker on at all times. BUT, adblocking is free on a computer. To me it is crazy how these companies are now charging users to block the ads. This is showing how big of an influence ad revenue has for websites everywhere. I wonder if the creators for these paid blocking apps have a contract with different sites to split there revenue? YouTube is a prime example of profit with ad revenue. Thanks for sharing!


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