Which Social Media Networks Do People Trust The Most?

Obviously at this point everyone knows what social media is.  From a best friend, to a grandmother, people of all age groups are on one form of social media or another. But the question is not what media a person uses to obtain their news, but how much a person trusts the source.

In this link, Sarah Snow explains what types of media people trust the most.  To go along with this are many easy to follow color coordinated graphs to show the results of what the people thought during this study.

Personally I was actually shocked to see the results.  After looking at the graph it shows that Facebook is a more trusted media source than a newspaper.  I don’t even believe fifty percent of the things on my Facebook account!  The least trusted media is a blog but you can believe me when I write this entry!

Finding out this information is quite valuable to the world of social and multimedia. If a person or company has very important news that they want to break out, knowing what site to put it on can impacts ones opinion and whether they believe it or not. Also knowing what site to put information on could build a stronger reputation.


Sept 15, 2015


2 thoughts on “Which Social Media Networks Do People Trust The Most?

  1. Wow, I was actually surprised by those results. I definitely didn’t think a blog would be the least trusted social media form, especially when compared with youtube and snapchat! Of all the social media accounts I have, I would have to agree that I trust Facebook the most.


    • I was also very surprised by these results. Personally I would have guessed that media sources like TV, Newspapers, or even Twitter, would be a lot more trusted than Facebook. Based on my own experiences, I know that a large portion of the things I read on Facebook are not truthful. Lastly, studies like this always make me wonder how the data was gathered and whether or not it was accurate.


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