If Google brings Android Wear to the IPHone, will the Apple Watch have some competition?

Uh-oh, does the Apple Watch have some competition to watch out for in the near future? Maybe so, Google has been working with its wearable platform in order to make it compatible with the IPhone. Making Android Wear devices that work with the IPhone could potentially be one of the smartest decisions that Google could make.

Less than one million Android Wear devices have actually been sold, so Google’s wearable platforms have not been the biggest hit, yet. However, with the release of the Apple Watch on April 24th, Android Wear might give Apple a run for their money with its release on May 28th-29th. The Apple’s watche weakness is the Android Wears strength, the price.

Android devices start at about $150.00, which is almost less than half of the cost of the Apple Watch. These days everyone has to be cautious with their spending. So most customers are very price conscious when spending money on gadgets that they don’t necessarily NEED, I know that I am. In addition, most people do not like the idea of having to spend $349.00 plus on a new type of gadget every few months. The Android wear doesn’t have any Apple Pay, no Siri, and no Apps. So yes the watch does not have all of the amenities of the Apple Watch but it still has its perks.

The primary use of the Android Wear is to receive notifications on an ultra-convenient display. Personally, that’s enough for me. I do not need to text, take pictures or play games on my watch; that is what my phone is used for. But the Android Wear still allows you to have a “smart” watch with special features and with only half of the price of the Apple Watch. So, what do you think? Do you think the price of the Apple Watch is really worth it? Or is the Android Wear just as good AND with the added bonus of being that much cheaper?



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