Build Authentic Conversations Using Social Media

The 12 “C’s” of Building Authentic Conversations on Social Media blog post was an interesting read.  Some of the C’s are terms we know and have heard during this course.

  • Content – blog, tweet, pictures or a video; everything you are doing is creating content. It is the foundation of social media participation.
  • Contribute – participate and bring valuable contributions to the party.
  • Conversation – two or more people are listening and talking; every conversation is important and will increase relationships and engagement.
  • Community – guest speaker Breanna Banford, local director of activities for YelpRochester made it very clear how important engaging with the community is and how she enjoys connecting with community members. You can’t do it alone you need the community to help you and it goes both ways; the community needs you too.
  • Commitment – you need a higher level of commitment to easily succeed with social media.  Social media doesn’t make anything easy it may make it faster but not easy.

The author Kim Garst mentions several more “C’s”.   I never thought about some of these “C’s” of course what I share online is because I care.  Caring plays a major role in supporting the SJFC community and I hope that everything I share truly reflects how much I care about the students, faculty and staff.

Everything I read online sparks my curiosity.  I didn’t think that this is the first step of sharing content online, but it makes complete sense.  I explore online content to learn and share with others.  My curiosity is why I am interested in what others are doing and learn from their content.  I share what I have learned because I care.

All of the “C’s” mentioned in this blog are an important part of my online conversations.  This course has forced many of us to create conversations, share content, and engage with our community (class).  If I was to add a “C” to the list it would be….

  • Candid – open, honest, a person who says what they mean and doesn’t pretend. It took time to find a word beginning with the letter “C” do you agree with my choice? If not, what word would you add to the authors list?

I think the post was a great read as well an excellent way to wrap up our blogging assignment.  Thanks for all of the conversations and comments!

The 12 “C’s” of Building Authentic Conversations on Social Media:


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