Playing It Safe With Twitter Marketing

Marketing has gotten tremendously easier and cost efficient thanks to the ever-changing World Wide Web. This is an idea that anyone (with a basic understanding of what marketing is) would mostly likely agree with. But the techniques used to effectively market your brand can be not-so-easy to recognize. Tyrona Heath’s article “Twitter Marketing: Go For These Best Practices for 2015” gives several suggestions for pumping up your company’s Twitter posts and what to watch out for in the tricky world of social media marketing.

Here’s her advice and few thoughts of my own to leave you thinking about your brand’s twitter marketing skills:

1. “Focus on Video Content”

Heath explains that YouTube isn’t the only place you can show off some quality video content to engage your audience. Twitter has video sharing options that can help tell a story which “resonates with viewers to boost visibility.” Video content allows creativity outside of the 140 characters within your text allowance. Possibilities for creating, molding, and maintaining your brand’s image can be done with a video camera, maybe a little editing, and Twitter’s video sharing and support options.

2. “Launch Real-Time Marketing Schemes with Care”

It’s important for your brand to stay up-to-date with whats happening in the news. Of course, it’s always better to be in the loop than sitting far outside it… by yourself… with no one else to hangout with. But with a limited number of characters and mostly vaguely written hashtags, it’s easy to completely misunderstand the topic or its meaning. Don’t risk embarrassing your brand because of a lack in research done on your end.

3. “Test in Paid Marketing”

Twitter is free and that’s nice but paying to have your content sponsored is nicer. There’s no point to market your brand if no one is going to see your posts. Put a little money aside for these types of things and you’ll be thankful in the end.

4. “Get Happy”

“The most contagious content is emotional.” Heath explains that creating uplifting content about things such as babies, kids, and cute animals pulls at the heart-strings of your audience and is a great way to get re-tweets. Positivity is trendy.

5. “Launch Visual Marketing Campaigns”

Infographics, Internet memes and video content grab your audience’s attention quickly. Visuals make it easy for your audience to absorb and digest information quickly and helps your post to stand out in a sea of Twitter text posts.

6. “Engage, Engage, Engage”

Social media is social. Engage with your followers. Answer questions. Create relationships. Heath suggests that “if your number of followers is three times as high as the number of people you’re following, for instance, you can immediately lose a bit of credibility with users who perceive this lack of engagement as a lack of interest.”

7. “Strike a Balance”

Engage but don’t become annoying. Don’t retweet every mention your brand gets or post a tweet every five minutes. Maintain the value in your tweets by staying selective but remember to tweet enough that you’re not forgotten. You know that one guy on your Facebook that you don’t remember meeting and you’re not sure when you became “friends” but he posts every 2 minutes about what his cat is eating or his neurotic political views that result in nothing but repelling other users? Yeah, don’t be that guy.

Heath makes a great effort to guide brands through the “do’s” and “don’ts” of Twitter marketing. These best practice can help build your brand-empire while avoiding obstacles and errors that might quickly tear it down.

And now YOU know… happy tweeting!

Original article by Tyrona Heath:


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