Macbooks as Drawing Tablets

Heard about the brand new Macbooks that are coming out soon from Apple? Are you an artist? Don’t want to spend too much money on a digital tablet for your drawing needs? Well you might want to consider the new Macbook with its new “force click” function!

The new super thin Macbook with new Retina display and very few ports will now have force or pressure sensitive trackpads controlling the mouse. This new trackpad can detect how hard you are pressing on the pad, replacing the three-finger tap with the pressure click called “Force Click.” But not only does this new trackpad give the Macbook new functions, it allows third party apps to take advantage of this new click. One app called Inklet will definitely benefit from this. This app is a drawing app that turns the trackpad into pressure-sensitive drawing boards where users use a stylus on the new trackpad to manipulate and draw over images on the screen. Taking advantage of the pressure-sensitive trackpad, when users put more pressure on the pad using their stylus, it creates darker lines, making it work like a digital paintbrush. Less pressure will create thinner lines and light strokes. This can also be used in Photoshop or Lightroom with the pen input.

Lots of digital artists use a drawing tablet for digital drawings and for those who don’t want to spend so much on a professional tablet, but still want a similar experience, this new Macbook function and app can be the next best alternative for them. The Inklet app is only $25 as opposed to hundreds of dollars for a nice drawing tablet. This is especially nice for those just trying out digital art drawing. I definitely think that this is a very nice feature and a positive function for the new Macbook. As someone who knows a lot of friends who use drawing tablets as artists, I’ve taken an interest in digital art drawing and this new function would allow a beginner, like me, be able to create a similar experience.



4 thoughts on “Macbooks as Drawing Tablets

  1. This sounds great! It would be super convenient for artists, or people just interested in drawing, to simply purchase one device as opposed to two. I’m really looking forward to learning more about this.


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