Introducing the Lighter, Smaller and Cheaper Surface 3 Tablet

Microsoft’s new entry-level tablet that can actually replace your laptop! Over the past few years, the Redmond, Wash. Windows manufacturing company has proved to be one of the bolder technology enterprises, for better or worse. Microsoft has not been afraid to reach outside the box, try new things and risk a possible failed attempt.

Surface 3 gallery-12-650-80

Recently this was proven accurate when Microsoft stepped outside their comfort zone and tried creating a tablet with a mobile operating system. Unfortunately, this new idea simply confused customers and after two generations the company was loosing money. Microsoft’s latest news announcing the arrival of the Surface 3, a portable PC on March 31st was a different story. The Surface 3 is basically a scaled-back version of the previous Surface Pro 3 (a complete PC). Not as big, not as powerful, but not as expensive either, which has been one of the biggest knocks against the Pro 3 from customers. As a much smaller and lighter option, it can act as a portable tablet or a PC with keyboard and separate monitor.

The Surface 3 introduces some great features including a strong, light frame with a 3-position kickstand to the 10.8” high-resolution screen. With its prompt Intel processor, click-in keyboard and one year of Office included, it works like a laptop when you need it. Surface 3 does run full Windows, which allows your favorite desktop software and touch apps to work with ease.

Although it is not as light as an iPad Air, it is meant to be used with a keyboard and perform as a PC.

Surface 3 gallery-16-650-80

Most importantly, the company now has a clear marketing strategy: Surface Pro 3 (and Pro 4, when it arrives) for the professional and Surface 3 for the basic consumer. For those looking to replace or even update their PC, check out the affordable Surface 3.


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