Microsoft turns 40

Tomorrow April 4th it will be a 40 year old company. It is crazy to think how far Microsoft has come it was founded in 1975 by two people Bill Gates who was 19 at the time and Paul Allen who was 22. Even though Microsoft will be turning 40 tomorrow they are still surprising people like for instance the Chief Technology Officer of this company called Azure Mark Russinovich said that open sourcing Windows isn’t outside the realm of possibility which pretty much states that Windows/Microsoft are not even close to reaching their potential and they have a lot more in store for there customers. This source window every one wants them to open would take the company to a whole new level that they have never reached before. That’s the reason why these well know people from these other powerful companies are trying to tell them to do so because it could not limit what they could do anymore. They are getting these high ranking people from these other companies to join them that have been at the company before but left to join these other companies such as Google, Twitter and Infragistics. The reason they are all coming back now is because Microsoft is on to something big that could launch them past Google for the lead spot in most wealthy companies of all time because these software projects they are working on are going to shoot them past any other computer company in the world. Microsoft has been more products and services everyday and they will continue to do so because of the people they have on board that have skills that can launch this company to another level. Happy Birthday Microsoft we are looking forward what you have in store for us in the coming years.


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