Curator: Twitter’s New Search Engine

Today marked the launch of Twitter’s new filtering site: Curator. This site gives users the ability to select a display of their own choosing from their Twitter and Vine feeds. It has been said that Curator may become a new competitor for a very similar site, Storify. This is a site that is free of charge for users and gives your everyday user, or even major companies, the opportunity to filter out their feeds with certain specificity like keywords, @ handles, location, language, time zone, follower count, number of re-tweets or favorites, verified users, and many more. You may also provide relevant and effective videos to your feed with your Vine account as well.

To me, the positive in this site comes from the fact that it is promoted towards all users. Whether it be a college student working on a media based final project, or even a major organization like the NCAA looking at live fan reactions during the NCAA basketball tournament, the site seems to be simple and beneficial for all users. The goal of Curator is to reach out to those who may not have a Twitter or are not logged in to Twitter, but provide them with more unique information in an effective manner. Storify definitely has a new competitor to be worried about, so we will see how much time it takes for Curator to come in and catch the public’s eye.

Here’s the link to the story:


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