The Reality of Cyberbullying launched in an App: Burnbook

Recalling the years of high school, one common and recurring memory is the presence of labels. For many, high school was tough. These labels often formed early on freshman year, and stuck until graduation. Some labels could be positive, but often times, these labels were negative and had a heavy impact on each student.

Much like in the chick flick film mean girls, the new app Burnbook has increased cyber bullying and brought anonymous gossip to a whole new level. With this app, users need to be over 17, and are able to choose the “community” that they interact with, based on their location. Since there is no registration required, the source of the gossip remains completely anonymous.

This app makes talking about others seem harmless because there is no possible way of pairing these harmful things with the source they came from. My perspective on this app is that it is going to cause major problems with the younger generations. With developments like these, children think it is OK to act like this. Apps like these should not be created because it encourages bullies to hide behind their computer screens and get away with it.

In spite of this, parents have been using the app to post positive messages to children in their community. Adults need to be able to step in and talk to their child about cyberbullying and the dangers that can arise from it, because the impact they make on their child could stick with them forever.


5 thoughts on “The Reality of Cyberbullying launched in an App: Burnbook

  1. Not all apps have good intentions. They are striving to find a way for anyone to post anything without knowing who posted it. As technology continues to evolve so must we – this is were we still have power to band together against what is right and wrong.

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  2. This is ridiculous. The internet has enough anonymous bullying as is, now we’ve officially created a place where we’re saying it’s ok to do this? I don’t even want to imagine the person who created this and actually thought it was a good idea.

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