5 Ways to Share Videos on Twitter

I have been taking Twitter lightly, but after reading about these 5 ways of video sharing, my attitude is now completely changed. Twitter is growing at a very high speed and embracing every technology available. Twitter is no longer a short message sharing site, but a multipurpose flatform that can be relied on. This  is an awesome move and an opportunity to create a healthy competitive playing field. Twitter has taken  a great step by offering  5  different services that enables message sharing, photo sharing, uploading and sharing of videos. Although I do give Twitter credit for their competitiveness and creativity, I still find a challenge in remembering vividly each service and what it does. Below are the five services that Twitter is offering.

TwitVid is a new Twitter video sharing site that supports upload via web, email to u@twitvid.io and eventually webcam.  With a provision for retweeting, sharing, liking, replying video on site and displaying all tweets that mention a particur video, makes this site even look better than Facebook and Youtube.

The next one is Twiddeo that enables the user to upload, email  and record via webcam, videos for instant sharing on Twitter network. By ebabling video sharing makes this site attractive and appealing.

Besides  Twiddeo,Twitc is a one stop place that allows photo sharing, videos and a multiple of different fyle types via Twitter. This service gives extra services like importing videos via URLs.  By being a multifunctional site and offering more services like updating one’s status, search for comment, an opportunity to favor, check out most viewed and much more makes this site the most attractive for Twitter users and most convenient.

Lastly, twitLENS  is a dual purpose tool that handles  videos, multiple uploads  and image sharing while Tweetube  is a desktop application for video creating via webcam to share with Twitter. It is my feeling that Twitter is here to stay and what I see  is a right move  towards creativity and being user friendly.

My suggestion to Twitter is to find ways of compressing their 5 ways to a minimun of two. This will make it easier for Twitter users to  remember well each service and improve  on performance.




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