What do I do in a Debate on Facebook?

We all have those opinionated Facebook friends that say perhaps a little more than they know about.  Whether it be about politics, pop culture, social causes, or economies, people will always be divided on one side or another.  So, how do we stop this?  The first step would be to know proper etiquette and understand the Do’s and Don’ts of debating big issues on social media.


  • Stay Calm:  Don’t jump to your first reaction.  Plan out what you’re going to say and make sure you have your facts straight.
  • Ask Questions:  Try and understand different perspectives of the story before automatically responding.  Your rebuttal might be better if you understand their side of the story better.
  • Be Polite:  Everybody is entitled to their opinions, don’t bash on somebody because theirs doesn’t match yours.
  • Know When to Walk Away:  Sometimes, you have to accept defeat and quit fighting a lost cause.


  • Don’t react to deliberately provocative statements:  People are going to try and get a rise out of you to make you look irrational and therefore, your opinion becomes invalid.  Keep your composure and reinforce with facts.

If there is anything I have to add to Mashable’s article on the subject, I would have to say to make sure you keep your facts straight and to make sure your delivery is on point.  You don’t want to make yourself look like the insane overly opinionated person.  That is a good way to get unfriended or unfollowed.


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