New Macbook from Apple! But Wait, There’s Only One Port??

Are you an Apple Mac user and/or fan? Well there has been news on a new Macbook developing from Apple! But there’s a catch – there’s only one port, plus one headphone jack!

The new Macbook will be a two-pound device that sports a 12-inch Retina display (2,305 x 1,440) and an ultra-thin 13.1mm thick all-aluminum design. The fanless notebook starts at $1,299 and comes in silver, space gray and “stunning” gold. But there is a new pill-shaped port on the left and a 3.5mm headphone jack on the right side. The MagSafe charging port and the full-sized USB 3.0 ports is gone and there is no Thunderbolt 2 port to be found.

This is the new vision for the future of the Macbook, according to Phil Schiller, Apple’s senior vice president of worldwide marketing. The lone port on the left side of the new MacBook is the new reversible USB Type-C port. Apple shortened it to USB-C. It’s one-third smaller than a standard USB and just a little larger than a micro USB and Lightning port, but the thing is that it does three jobs in one – it can charge the new MacBook, output video, and transfer data. If you want to charge and transfer data at the same time, you’ll need to buy a dongle, which is the new adapter for this Macbook. Apple is hoping though that users will use OS X Yosemite’s wireless AirDrop feature to transfer files between Macs and iPhones.

Although this is a very interesting development and has shown how advanced technology is now by putting so many port jobs in one, it is also going to be something to get used to for a while. These new features seem confusing at first, especially since if you do not use AirDrop, you will need to get an adapter, which is annoying for some people to use and buy. People don’t want to carry around an adapter with them. When all the different ports are there right on the computer, people can plug in what they need right on the computer without an adapter. The MagSafe charging port is also not going to be on this new Macbook, which is a huge loss. This charging port is the one that magnetically connects your charger to the computer and is a proud feature of Apple that has been very useful. I personally do like having all the ports right on the computer and having the MagSafe charging port, so I would not be interested in a new MacBook that will require me to buy an adapter. Even though there is the AirDrop option, sometimes not all things can be AirDropped and will require an actual USB port or SD card reader or another port.

The new Macbook is coming out on April 10th. We will see if this will be successful or not soon!



One thought on “New Macbook from Apple! But Wait, There’s Only One Port??

  1. This is really dissapointing to me! I’m not looking for a new macbook anytime soon, but I’m really not loving these new changes. In theory, the idea of simplifying the ports and making them essentially all-in-one, sounds great. However, I hate how apple is almost pushing us to use airdrop and conform to the changes that they hope to see. I’ve used airdrop before and was not that impressed. Hopefully these new changes will be better than they initially sound.


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