High-Tech Glove That Could Help the Blind-Deaf Send Text Messages

Think of how often you send text messages daily… It’s probably a lot. For the average human, texting is easy, simple and a quick way to communicate. But what if you were faced with becoming deaf or blind? Sending a text message would no longer be easy and simple for you; you would lose that form of communication. However, Berlin researches have been working on a potentially great invention for those who are deaf or blind.  This invention is known as the Mobile Lorm Glove.

For some of you that may not know what “Lorm” actually is, it is a “tactile alphabet” that deaf-blind people use to communicate to one another, it involves using different hand motions. However, most people do not understand lorm, leaving the deaf-blind limited to who they can communicate with. This is why researches have created a new form of technology so that these people are able to communicate with more people.

The glove translates the hand-touch alphabet “Lorm” into text and vice versa. So, the person wearing the glove will type their message out on the glove by the use of textile pressure points, this message is then transmitted via Bluetooth from the glove to the handheld device. Before the message reaches the handheld device it will automatically turn into an SMS for the reader. Once the person with the handheld device responds, the message is sent back to the glove via Bluetooth and will vibrate allowing the person wearing it to know they have received a text.

How great is this?? I think this will create so many more opportunities for deaf-blind people and will allow them to feel up to date in today’s world.




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