Cute, or Not?

Over the years, smartphone users have been given the chance to download some of the most unique apps to their phones. What BuzzFeed has done, may have just topped them all. The new “Cute, or Not?” app allows people to decide on which animals they think are cuter, which is similar to the very provocative Tinder app.

Owners can take pictures of their pet, put them on the app, then wait and see if they get the approval of the fellow “Cute, or Not?” users in the area. You also get to do the same for other owners, as you see the other pets in the area, swiping left for your disapproval and swiping right for your approval of the nearby pet. Now some may say this app is worthless and has no point to it. The Vice President of BuzzFeed states, however, that the goal of the app and future ones being released is “…to build apps that can excel at providing the best experience for each.” A harmless tool for people to see cute animals in your town. I truly do like the concept of the app, because of its harmless nature and positive feel to it. Some people use apps like Tinder for very racy behavior, but an app like this is solely for innocent enjoyment for the user.

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