The App That Can Save Your Life


Social media has impacted many industries over the past couple years and the newest one that’s being affected is the medical field. Doctors are now using the app Figure1 which is a photo-sharing app that allows doctors from all over the world to help solve medical mysteries and educate medical students. Just by sharing one picture, doctors are able to get a second opinion on their diagnosis from experts in the field. Not only is this app helping doctors to make a better decision when it comes to helping their patients, but it also helps them learn more about illnesses that are not common in their country. Founder, John Landy who is also a medic himself describes it as a “global knowledge notebook”.

As with all new emerging social media apps, there is always an issue. If you’re an avid social media user you might have asked yourself this question once or twice: “Is this too much information?”

One of the requirements of being a doctor is keeping your patient’s information confidential and Landy reassures that it won’t be a problem with this app since it’s mostly anonymous. All photos go through verification along with needing permission from patients before posting the photos. Also, the app requires users to add their occupational information and only allowing medical workers to comment on the photos.

It seems that the app is a success with more than 150,000 users and 30% of U.S. medical students using it frequently. The app proves that social media is not only something that can be used for fun, but it goes beyond that. It can change lives and in this case, save them. Maybe being on your phone all the time, isn’t such a bad thing…

Article: CNN


5 thoughts on “The App That Can Save Your Life

  1. It will be interesting to see how many other professions that social media gets integrated into. What’s next? Law? Business? Education?


  2. I think this is great! Its a perfect example to use social media for good. As long as you have permission from the patients (which they do) I don’t think it is a problem.


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