Pinterest Adapts New Features

Pinterest has become one of the fastest growing social networks online and is the third largest just behind Facebook and Twitter. This social bookmarking site basically works like an online scrapbook where users can share and “pin” photos, events, hobbies and interests with their friends and the rest of the Pinterest world.

In efforts to keep their site active and valuable, Pinterest has been creating some initiative for its users and followers. First of all, they have announced that they will expand their chief monetization vehicle, promoted pins, to all advertisers. This allows advertisers to target pins toward specific demographics based on their searches and pins. These promoted pins are shared and begin to self-market as they gain popularity. There is even a “popular” category under the search options where users can scroll through the trending pins.

Another feature Pinterest has just customized is the guided search options bar. As an avid Pinterest user myself, I understand the challenge of sifting through millions upon millions of pictures, quotes, boards, likes and pins. Yes, there is a search bar but often what I search is too specific. Then the pins are over filtered and I do not end up finding what I am looking for. Now, the guided search uses keywords that you type and brings up a bar of associated words.


For example, if I search “Vacation” the guided search menu will come up with options for me to get more specific including:

Packing – Destination – Beaches – Tips – Outfits – Quotes – Summer –

….and continues to run along the top of the page until you find what you are looking for.

Props to Pinterest to continue innovating their site!

Check this out at:


3 thoughts on “Pinterest Adapts New Features

  1. love the new features, there’s just so many pictures on Pinterest that it can get overwhelming so I’m glad they put in the categories.


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