Why Journalism Schools Should Join the New ‘Golden Age of Radio’

People today are calling this generation the “New Golden Age of Radio”. The reason why is because people are having more freedom to tell their stories through this tool that has existed for over a decade known as the Public Radio Exchange (P.R.X). It’s an online marketplace where audio producers post their work and stations and shows license it for air. This is great for students because of the platform it gives to creative minds interested in storytelling and there’s no real gatekeeper meaning no one will say no.

This is a great way for students to be heard by pursuing stories most would never do. One thing that the author,Jule Gardner Banville, said was, “My students have taught me that if we kick that gray-haired newscaster style out of the booth, let college kids sound like college kids and work harder to get them a wider audience, good things can happen.” She continues on about what this experience can offer students stating, “They’ll build their portfolios and maybe get jobs by getting professionals to notice. And radio listeners? They’re the big winners because they get to hear what young talent, properly coaxed, can do.”

For those who want to get involved or exposed to the world of journalism, I’d suggest you try it out. It’s always good to get these types of experiences under your belt to help build credibility and such. After all, you never know who may be listening to you and where it may take you in the future.



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