Flipboard Moves to the Desktop

As someone who enjoys Flipboard on my iPad on a semi-regular basis I was thrilled to read the post on groovyPost.com,  Brian Burgess states that Flipboard is now available on the web from your desktop computer. For those individuals who have more time to read and learn about a topic Flipboard for desktop was made for them.

Flipboard is a digital magazine which allows users to personalize the content based on their own interests, social networks, and other sources they subscribe to.  The application is cross-platform allowing many users access to the app.  I like the app and if you want to try it on your mobile device or from the web, I have added links to help you.

  • Flipboard App for iPad available on iTunes, free
  • Flipboard App for Android available on Goggle play, free
  • Flipboard Desktop, web version from Flipboard.com

I agree with Brian Burgess, this next step for Flipboard is positive. I too spend the greater part of my day in front of a computer.  The web version allows me to access the content more often.  I am looking forward to adding this to my daily routine and reading my own “personal magazine”, what I want, the way I want it. Thank you Flipboard for making this move.

Inside Flipboard – The Official Flipboard Blog

Re/code Review – Finally! Flipboard Brings Its Clean Design to Desktop.


2 thoughts on “Flipboard Moves to the Desktop

  1. I definitely am happy to hear this. Yes, it is entertaining to actually “flip” the board with your fingers on your iPad or smartphone, but you make a good point: we do spend a lot of our time using computers during the day, so this is a much easier way to get a hold of content and read it. This also is helpful for not all of those out there lucky enough to have nice tablets either!


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