Fighting Stress with Facebook

Who would have thought that Facebook, and other social media sites would actually help to relieve stress? Many would think that because of social media’s fast pace, and ability to be distracting that it would have a negative influence on society.

A study lead by Keith Hampton, an associate professor of communications at Rutgers University proved just the opposite. He discusses that in the workplace, when employees have multiple projects and assignments to do, checking their social media notifications every now and again can help them regain focus, composure, and allow them to get their work done in a less anxious manner.

This does not mean to resort to distractions as a way to relieve stress, and create a social media addiction, but, if workplaces allow a bring your own device policy, or stop blocking social media sites, it is possible that their employees may feel more refreshed and less anxious when working on their tasks.


3 thoughts on “Fighting Stress with Facebook

  1. I totally agree! Taking a break from school work to check social media helps me to then start fresh when directing my thoughts back to my work. I can’t say it doesn’t become an easy distraction though!


  2. This is a really interesting theory. I agree that taking breaks in-between projects is sometimes really necessary to clear your mind and get a fresh perspective. However, I think it gets a little murky when social media comes into play. Far too often we get sucked into Facebook or Twitter and end up waisting way too much time. So, while I do a agree that breaks in general should be applied to the workplace, integrating “social media” breaks could have varying results.


  3. I have to admit that I am guilty of taking breaks from my work to go on my phone and check my Twitter, Facebook, Snapchats and Instagram. I looked at these breaks as more of a distraction to be honest but this theory made me think about it a little differently. I guess taking a 5-10 minute break to check my social networks is a good way to clear and give my mind a break from the task at hand; as long as I can control how long I am looking at the sites and how often.


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