‘Dad’ Preconceptions Finally Changing for the Better

When we picture the family shopper, caregiver, the parent who stays home, the dinner preparer, the chauffeur and the nurturer, we tend to envision our moms. We do this because most of us grew up with this experience, but what has an even greater impact on us is the countless advertisements and marketing campaigns that use that information to sell us products. If mom approves of the product, it is a safe necessity for the home. This ideal has been ingrained in our subconscious often leaving the role of the fun, clueless, irresponsible parent to the fathers out there. Recent ads have been fighting this stigma and making the stay at home caregiver a ‘dad’ in in efforts to help them regain a more positive title.

Super Bowl 2015 released a commercial for Dove Men + Care. This ad for the new men’s collection of Dove products is supporting dads. Dove has created a link on their website for the men’s line where fans can submit videos and photos into the gallery including #realstrength where they are able to display photos of the care they provide their children with. “The Big Game is filled with moments of strength, but we know that #realstrength is so much more” said Dove demonstrating their efforts to promote more than just a game and a brand. This commercial ad truly hit home for many viewers and is only one of the many recent efforts to help dads win back their title as an equal caregiver in the household.

Care does not mean surrendering strength.


2 thoughts on “‘Dad’ Preconceptions Finally Changing for the Better

  1. This commercial was one of my favorite during the Superbowl. I thought it was very effective and special. It was emotional and really made people remember it. Since the perception of Dad is changing I think this commercial was necessary!


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