Tweeted bomb threats highlight price of online freedom

The world today has become a global village.Millions of people are using the social media platforms.Communication and passage of information from one continent to another just takes the flash of a second.Among the most pupular social networks are Twitter and Facebook.Freedom of speech is an inherent human right.Millions of people use these social networks daily to express their opinions.But despite this wonderful contribution brought about by Twitter and Facebook, there is now a growing concern that  these mediums have been subjected to abuse.The dark side of Twitter is now with us and is becoming a thorn in the flesh for many governments.The internet and propaganda  have become the premier recruitment and radicalization tools for the terrorist groups.Just recently, a Delta airlines jet was the subject of one of a rush of tweeted bomb threats.To add salt into injury, many congressmen expressed frustration at the lack of cooperation they were  getting from Twitter.In England,the prime minister David Cameron went so far as to suggest last month that any social media platform not cooperating with authorities should be banned.Should media houses be held responsible for the nature of content posted on their sites ?Unless these companies take responsibility,their sites could become command and control centers  for terroists.  EST January 29, 2015


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