Amazon Echo AKA Alexa

Just when you think technology could’t get any better, something more amazing is released! Amazon recently released its new Echo device which “marries” Sonos with Siri. Echo is a connected loudspeaker that also works as a smart assistant. You simply set Echo on a shelf in your home and let it go to work!

This new technology is so amazing because not only does it work with music and radio programs, but it can also compile shopping lists, read weather reports, set reminders, and answer your questions by searching Wikipedia articles. This little black device seems to do it all.

Amazon is also releasing an Echo app where you can control the device on either your phone or tablet. This feature is similar to the Sonos app.

Like Siri, Echo also responds to a name, or “key word:” Alexa. When I watched the video about Echo for the first, I couldn’t believe how great it seemed. When I heard it responds to Alexa, I was sold! Although, I think it could get a bit confusing in my household hearing everyone asking “me” questions!

Echo’s retail cost is $199, but for Amazon Prime users it is only $99. I know by now you’re thinking what I was thinking, why isn’t a technology so spectacular flying off of the shelves? The answer is because you can’t just go out and buy it. Amazon is selling Echo via invitation only. To hopefully be one of the chosen ones, you must go on Amazon and request an invitation to buy the new device.


3 thoughts on “Amazon Echo AKA Alexa

  1. This is crazy. This actually feels like a piece of 21st century technology. I’m sure it will take a while to get used to having these devices listening in on all of your conversations. Nice post!


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