“Quantified Self”

The new technology of this fast paced era gives people the power to keep track of their personal health. Many new mobile devices and apps are giving people the ability to track every aspect of their life and are given the ability to share and record their personal health levels. “Living by the numbers” defines the term “quantified self,” by generating data to measure the behavior of humans. Today’s great technology allow people to measure their behavior like never before. People are able to measure their heart rate at any given time, take count of calorie intake after every meal, and even track the hours of sleep people have every night.

These technology raises awareness if personal health for people because people have tools that can help improve their daily life. Many people are concerned about their health and now if they are able to find ways to improve their lifestyles without having to go to the doctor unless the issue is serious. Studies show that there are” 40,000 health related apps on the virtual market, and more than 60 percent of adults in the United States are using these apps to track their health.” (Rothfeld, 2014).

Health apps have and other technologies is another way to keep our society connected. People are able to share their data of their health behaviors to inspire and help people live an healthy lifestyle. Its great to see people paying attention to their health because this can lead to an increase of health throughout the world which leads to a happier world.

Click the link to view Lindsay Rothfeld’s article: http://mashable.com/2014/10/29/quantified-self-video/


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