Live Tweeting During Conferences

I’m sure during class we all decide to sneak our phones out at some point and check our social media like Twitter and Instagram. But have we ever thought to pull out our mobile devices, iPad’s, tablets, or laptops during a conference? Lilly Herman writing for The Muse says that being active on social media while an event can help you with your personal branding, expand your network, and find people who are like-minded to you. She states five key things that one should keep in mind while using social media during a conference.

1.Play nice
What are some things that you should be tweeting? Well, always use words of encouragement and use generally exciting moments of the event. Always feel free to say your own thoughts and opinions but your goal is to keep the energy good and positive. When posting you should remember that not only will the person delivering the conference probably see it, but also other organizers.

2.Get the hashtag right
When live tweeting make sure you use the hashtag. But also make sure that you use the hashtag correctly. You should figure out who else is at the same event as you so that you can share your thoughts. If you use the wrong hashtag you could potentially be tweeting about something else the whole time.

3.Interact with others online
While using social media be social and interact with others who are using the hashtag, comment on things via Twitter and Instagram but also favorite and retweet what’s being said too. If you meet someone online that can help you broaden your network and make more connections do it, don’t be afraid.

4.Don’t get carried away
This key point is pretty self-explanatory. When live tweeting make sure that you don’t over do it. As each speaker is up giving their speech limit your Tweets to about 2-5 and your Instagrams to only one per speaker. Even if there are a lot of speakers put your device away and pay attention because you can always go back and tweet after.

5.Have fun with it
This is meant to be fun and you’re to have a good time doing it. Not everything has to be serious you can show the good side of the conference as well.

Now I know how to live tweet well during an event and how to make it your own while still following some good tips. When you keep things short, sweet, and to the point people are more interested in what you have to say about the event. This has made me definitely want to attend some events where live tweeting/instagramming would be something I could do.


5 thoughts on “Live Tweeting During Conferences

  1. All of these pieces of advice are simple and easy to do. As communications majors, I’m sure we all will be live tweeting at events at some point during our education or in our future career. I will be sure to keep all of these pointers in mind while doing it!


  2. This is a really great blog post! I think it is good to know the proper etiquette of live tweeting. It is also great that it mentions that live tweeting is meant to be fun and that we should definitely interact with other who are also tweeting about the event.


  3. When I go to my academic conferences, everyone there is on their phones and tablets all the time. Now, some are doing things such as checking email rather than paying close attention to the speaker. But more of them are live tweeting, and taking notes (which they sometimes then post as public documents). I actually have used these social media items produced by people who were at a session that I could not attend to learn some of what the speaker presented. Glad Sarah B found this item and posted about it, and glad Sarah F. and Tricia found it useful.


  4. This is great advice for live tweeting! The steps are easy to follow and make for a good live feed. I will definitely keep these in mind if I ever have to live tweet from a conference in the future.


  5. This is great advice for live tweeting! I definitely took away some awesome tips from this blog. I like the one that says “Don’t get carried away”. I think that many people struggle with a good balance when live tweeting.


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