Cable Operators Must Be In A Frenzy Over The Medium Switch By HBO.

HBO Announcement: 

How many HBO fans are out there? I assume a vast amount because of the popular series they produce such as The Wire, The Sopranos, Game of Thrones, and many more. On Wednesday the CEO announced HBO Go will be offered to customers without a TV subscription next year.

HBO From Analog To Digital:

The main focus and reason is because there are ten million broadband-only homes in the United States. At the investor meeting the CEO explained how that untapped market needs to be penetrated by the company. No details on the price were given. This strategy should help HBO to grow because Netflix penetrated the market years ago and was successful by doing so. I even notice my self using internet streaming for entertainment before I choose TV operators.

CEO’s of Time Warner Cable, Comcast, and other providers must be scrambling to their offices, eagerly finding a solution to this move. HBO doesn’t sign up, bill, or retain their customers. That job was led by the cable providers. It is likely HBO will allow customers to only sign up with HBO Go and the internet without the need of a cable service. If this is the case, I believe cable operators will have to come up with an effective strategy in order to keep their customers.  I am excited to see how this HBO strategy will affect the use of cable television.


2 thoughts on “Cable Operators Must Be In A Frenzy Over The Medium Switch By HBO.

  1. This strategy will definitely help HBO grow a bigger fan base. Having HBO Go would be nice so you don’t need to go through the subscribing process to watch all of the popular shows on the network. I think HBO really needed to take a step like this to get more people watching shows on the network. I would certainly take advantage of it!

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