Google Bids Farewell to Orkut

Long before there was Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Google Buzz, there was Orkut. Orkut was Google’s very first social network, which debuted back in January 2004. Monday, Google announced that they would be shutting down Orkut, after more than a decade of service.

After a failed attempt to purchase Friendster, a popular social network during the time, Google set out to create the next greatest addition to the social media world. Once the new year approached, Orkut was born. For some time, Orkut was popular in Brazil, but never really surfaced here in the United States. Reasoning for this could be that Facebook came into the picture about a month after Orkut was launched, ultimately taking over the world of social networking.

In a blog post, the Orkut team announced their reasoning for shutting down the site. They claimed that other social networks simply “outpaced Orkut’s growth,” as their communities kept growing while Orkut’s declined. The team also added that because Orkut would no longer be in service, they would be devoting more time to bettering their other social platforms, making them as “amazing as possible” for all users.

Google can now solely focus on their newest social platform, Google+, which recently celebrated its third birthday. For the most part, Google+ has been considered moderately successful. Now with Orkut out of the picture, Google can work towards a bigger and better social network.

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2 thoughts on “Google Bids Farewell to Orkut

  1. Wow, I never even knew this existed. I wonder why it never really caught on in the US? It is interesting to think about what could have happened if the purchase of Friendster had gone through, if Google would be a better competitor in the social media market.


  2. That’s funny. I never knew that this existed either. I also am amazed that GooglePlus is three years old. Google claimed that it would be revolutionary but I still feel that it hasn’t fully developed into what they predicted however.


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